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    Hello, my name is Magus
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    Character Battle 10: Final Results 26 Jul 2009 05:33:01

    Well, the end of the contest wasn't an inch surprising... but the contest, now THAT'S surprising. Don't get me wrong, they're good games... but unlike all the contests so far, this draws off a KID'S game. And methinks that most people around here aren't kids (at least in terms of physical age... let's not talk about mental). At least I know the characters in that series.

    But back to this contest. I think this is one of the few contests that has had virtually no upsets, compared to its predecessors, which is both good and bad. Good for the people involved, bad for those of us (myself included) who wanted a few laughs from seeing the leaderboard shuffle. Otherwise, it was yet another successful contest.

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