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64 bits of Awesome

By Dave on May 21th, 2009 under Fighting, N64,

One of my old flames has come back to me, to blissfully whisk me away to a land filled with dreams, rainbows and blue spiky shells.

Yup, that's right. I bought an N64. A pikachu one at that! My sis wanted to get rid of the one I'd basically been suckling off, so I picked it up at a family discount price.

Man, it's as awesome as it ever was. I mean, I suck at some games (has anyone noticed how weird the Goldeneye controls are? One thumb stick? Crazy), but to be fair I sucked at them back in the day as well.

Due to this, I went on an eBay splurge, finding a few old games that'd stuck in my mind. I'd already been given Lylat Wars and Majoras Mask for free, as well as getting Mario Kart 64 and a few pokemon games when buying the N64, but it wasn't enough!

The first thing that beat me into eBay submission was Fighters Destiny. I'm not sure why, I guess with my 360 recently dying, I needed another method to channel my violence into, rather than shouting at people in FPS's.

Fighters Destiny is a (gasp) fighting game, where you have to gain points during rounds to win a match. Different ways of defeating your opponent in that round award different points, first one to the set amount wins. So you can knock them out of the ring, throw them down, use a special knockdown technique or finish them with a special attack.

Generally, I don't like fighting games that much. It usually just ends up being who can face roll the controller the fastest and get lucky. Fighters Destiny really isn't like that. Fighters DestinyFor a start, you don't really have health bars. You have a bar, with health, but you don't lose when it runs out. You just go into a "FINISH HIM" kinda dazed state when you can only move until your bar fills up again. During this time, you opponent can do a special move on you if they pull it off, awarding the max amount of points you can get in one round.

I guess this was one of the things that really appealed to me. It was way different than most things. It meant that you could get the living crap beaten out of you through the whole round, then pull off a tricky counter-throw and win the points for that round. It really stopped the button bashers in their tracks.
The games combos were pretty simple as well, but not too simple enough that mashing the pad pulled off something amazing. It still required some timing in there, but they were still very doable.

It's just ace and still plays really well even today.

So next on my list was a memory expansion pack so I can ACTUALLY PLAY MAJORAS MASK...bastards...and Perfect Dark, one of Alex's best games evvvvvvveeeer. You could almost say it's his perfect favourite game.

The N64 ended up being a really fun part of my childhood, when I think about it I just get that excited feeling I got back then.

If you have any tips on what games I should get next, please do say.

Perhaps I should pay a certain pig a visit...


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