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We are not gonna die. You know why? Because we are so...very...pretty.

By Joshie on June 25th, 2009 under iPhone, Strategy,

Flight ControlOne of the most important things a mobile phone should do is play video games. Sure, it should probably be pretty good at contacting other people over the new fangled wireless telephone exchange too, however I am starting to think being a great gaming device should be equally as vital. What's wrong with the $250 PSP Go and the sparkling pink DSi you ask? Simple; you never have them with you when the true need for a portable game arises. Most portable games should be addictive time wasters for when meetings are canceled or the bus is late, those unexpected minutes in the day that you have nothing better to do in. And that's why the iPhone (and iPod Touch) is primed to take the mobile space by storm because it's always with you, ready and waiting.

Flight Control is the perfect example of a great portable time waster. It's your job to manage the incoming flux of jets, biplanes and helicopters, guiding them to their appropriate runway or pad without causing a midair collision. The game controls incredibly naturally, asking you to guide the aircrafts by drawing flight paths with your finder and the goal is simply to rack up the biggest high score that you can taunt your friends with. With the ability to upload scores to online leader boards and use your iPod music without intrusive game noises, flight control is incredibly addictive and has tones of charm for a recession busting 59p.

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