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Don't forget to kill Philip!

By Joshie on June 5th, 2009 under Mac, PC, Tower Defense,

Crazy DaveIn the current gaming climate I feel that PopCap Games isn't being given the recognition they deserve. Sure, they invented Bejeweled and Zuma, two sins of the multiverse they should never be forgiven for, but they also brought Peggle into the world, and had the shrewd business sense to release the phenomenon on every single platform under the sun. I admit they whore their newborn child out like a McDonalds happy meal, but it’s the sort of prostitution I can really get behind.

Peggle could have been considered a one hit wonder from a company whose other big titles include “Bookworm” and “Big Money”, however the recent release of Plants vs. Zombies has changed all that, cementing PopCap in my mind alongside other great game developers. When you first hear about PvZ the idea of yet another tower defense game doesn’t sound immediately appealing, especially when you consider the plethora of perfectly good flash games available for free. Where PvZ immediately grabs you is with its delightful style and charisma and from the moment crazy Dave comes on screen he will have you locked into such an addictive game that you wont realize that hours have just passed you by. The rules of battle are simple; the zombie horde is creeping across your front garden in desperate need of your brains and the only way you can protect yourself is to lay down plants that will protect you to the death.

The sheer amount of plant variations in this game are incredible, forcing you to think long and hard about which ones you take with you into battle. From the plants that shoot peas at the ever advancing horde, to the spuds that block their path until the zombies devour them, to the exploding cherry bombs and the seaweed that drag their prey underwater, the fight to save your precious brain cells is won or lost on the way you play the field.

Plants vs. ZombiesYour opposition is equally as diverse, including your run of the mill zombies, grandpa zombies that get angry when you destroy their newspaper, pole-vaulting zombies who jump your defenses and the dreaded zomboni, who tries to mow down your plants with an apocalyptic ice machine. With a whole host of level variations and some great mini-games that include zombie bowling with spuds, PvZ is simply worth ever penny PopCap is asking for.

Plants vs. Zombies is available for both Mac and PC, and has a sixty-minute demo that is free to download. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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