Character Battle 10: Final Results

By Brian on July 25th, 09 under CB10,

Five years ago, I started what's become a tradition now--it began on my old message board, Into the Lifestream, and another called Fantasy World. In the last 5 years, while the basic contest has remained the same, it's grown into what's become a popular bit of fun. Even though the contest has moved Internet locations a few times, people still play, and it's this reason, plus the fact that I love doing these, that has kept this tradition going. Even though it no longer takes on the 3-month format, now being a contest that's half its size, the fun's still there, and I think now that it's smaller, more people are aware of it, and it makes it that much better when more are involved. So to everyone who participates in these things--be it a voter, tiebreaker, someone who is actually playing for prizes, podcast guests, anyone and everyone--thank you so much. You're what keeps these things going. And for now, they will continue until either real life prevents me from having the time to do them, or you no longer wish to play. You're what makes it fun. With that said, it's time to unveil the final results.

As I said yesterday, Solid Snake won the contest, beating Revolver Ocelot in an 18-13 final--while it did not have the massive vote turnout that last contest's final (Leon Kennedy vs. Eddie Dombrowski, with Leon winning 68-64) had, I was glad to see that Snake did not win in a blowout. 9 of the 15 people competing had Snake to win, with 5 of those 9 getting the full 2500 points. Was it enough for anyone to knock me out of 1st place? The final scores go like this:

In 3rd place, finishing with 5725 points, and winner of the $20 prize: C&T;!!!!

In 2nd place, finishing with 5800 points, and winner of the $25 prize: Richard!!!

The winner, finishing with 6150 points, and winner of the $50 prize: myself!

I'm quite surprised...I did not expect to go on a 12-battle winning streak to overcome Nilfalasiel, who held the top spot for 19 straight days. However, she pulled a Joshie--collapsing right at the end. Regardless, congrats to other people are in order:

To the 3 new members of the All-16 Club: Zack, Liam, and Nilfalasiel! I'll have to email you some certificates.

To the player who had the best win-loss record: Nilfalasiel, going 56-8! Very nicely done for your first contest!

To see the rest of the final leaderboard, click here. Nicely done all the way around. I'm very impressed at all who entered: no one had a losing record. And all of our correct predictions made it so that the contest had a 75% correct prediction rate, so again, very nicely done.

Joshie and Richard, you'll have to inform me of your choice of prize.

Last night, Tania and Peter were special guests in the final podcast, and if you'd like to download the 69-minute podcast, click here. You're gonna wanna download it--it's funny as hell. I lose control of the English language, and we have a special appearance by a Lord of the Rings character. You're gonna want to listen to this. In addition, if you want to see the PDF of how the voting broke down for each battle from the Quarterfinals to the end, click here. Music credits are as follows, in order of appearance:

Intro: Metal Gear Solid 3 opening
Battle Results: Cavern (MGS)
Intermission: Game Over (MGS), Boss Battle (MGS2)
Final Leaderboard: Encounter (MGS and MGS2)
Top 3 winners: 3 victory themes from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Closing: Metal Gear Saga (MGS4)

Predicted Champions:
Solid Snake--S. Roth, MoonSword, Richard, C&T;, EyesOfATragedy, Nilfalasiel, E, Kinie, Saya
Gray Fox--Alyssa
Naked Snake--Biccy, Zack
The Boss--Liam, Sumeile
Liquid Snake--Hitman

And finally, a glimpse of the next Character Battle, planned for Winter 2010:


In closing: I want your feedback--let me know what you liked, didn't like, want to see in future contests, or just comment. Let me know what you thought of this or any other contest. Remember, you're the ones who make this possible, so a big thank you to all. And of course, a big thank you to Joshie, who once again gave me free run of his shiny new website to christen with the first contest on it. You can have your site back now, Joshie!

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks again. I hope you had fun, and I hope you enter the next contest. Look for info on that sometime in November. If you listen to the podcast, you can find out much more about what I plan to do for Kingdom Hearts.

Thanks, everyone.


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Magus (26th Jul 2009 05:33:01)
Well, the end of the contest wasn't an inch surprising... but the contest, now THAT'S surprising. Don't get me wrong, they're good games... but unlike all the contests so far, this draws off a KID'S game. And methinks that most people around here aren't kids (at least in terms of physical age... let's not talk about mental). At least I know the characters in that series.

But back to this contest. I think this is one of the few contests that has had virtually no upsets, compared to its predecessors, which is both good and bad. Good for the people involved, bad for those of us (myself included) who wanted a few laughs from seeing the leaderboard shuffle. Otherwise, it was yet another successful contest.

Brian (26th Jul 09 17:43:15)
Hey, Magus! Long time no see--glad to see you're still around. Thanks for the feedback. I have to agree--this contest was one of the rare ones that followed a normal (more or less) way of going through the brackets--hardly any upsets, and more shocking, no tiebreakers.

I decided on Kingdom Hearts as the next theme because it's a wildly popular series. The first KH game came out in 2002, so I could certainly see the idea that it's a kid's series--the first KH game came out when I was 16. However, at least with me, there are people my age now, in their mid-20s who still love the series and have every intention of getting the new KH game for the DS in September, myself included. Since you say you know the characters in KH, I hope you end up participating in the next contest--it's been a while since you last joined. I am planning some changes for the next one.

Joshie (26th Jul 09 22:22:02)
Very much enjoyed the Metal Gear character battle contest, even if there weren't as many upsets or supprises as we've had in the past. The favourite won in the end pretty easyily. It's a shame not enough people know all the characters. Play more Metal Gear people!

The leader-board though, was as crazy as ever. Congrats on your win Brian! I don't think anyone could have predicted the final positions. I can't believe Tania didn't get in the top three!

I look forward to the KH contest. I think a lot more people know those characters, so it should be fun :)