CB10: Leaderboard Update

By Brian on July 23th, 09 under CB10,

StandingsSuddenly, the tides have turned. Nilfalasiel, who had been in 1st for the last 19 days, has fallen off the perch after a thrilling Outer Haven Final which saw Ocelot win by 1 vote. As I said earlier tonight, the battle had ended in a tie, and as I was hunting on AIM for a tiebreaker, someone must've read my mind out there in the Internet, because someone placed a vote for Ocelot, giving him the win. Solid Snake was clearly favored, with 9 of you predicting him. However, it was a dead-even split amongst Ocelot and Liquid Snake, with 7 of you predicting Ocelot and 7 predicting Liquid Snake, with 1 predicting someone who's been eliminated. As a result, this has again caused the leaderboard to play musical chairs. I now find myself having won the 12 battles in a row, and now suddenly, I'm in 1st place by 350 points, with Nil falling to 3rd, 375 points behind me. What the hell, guys? Am I going to pull a Kinie-style win? This is almost like what Kinie did during Generation 7 (Character Battle 7), when he won the last 17 battles of the contest to go from near the bottom to champion--although not as impressive as his, as his incredible win was during a 128-character battle contest, I find myself floored that this is happening. With 1000 points riding on this Losers' Match, and 2500 in the Championship, it's suddenly possible for me to grab my 2nd contest win, or for someone else to grab their 1st or multiple. So here's your leaderboard after tonight's crazy Division Finals. Vote like crazy in these final battles!


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