CB10: Metal Gear Losers' Match

By Brian on July 23th, 09 under CB10,

Battle 63 Another set of amazing, thrilling battles. The Division Finals certainly kept up their end of the deal, and while Solid Snake won the Virtuous Division (despite a last-minute surge in Liquid Snake votes), it came down to a near-tiebreaker on the Outer Haven Final. As expected, it was gonna be close. When I jumped on at 7:30 to close the battle, we were tied. Being at someone else's house right now, I jumped onto AIM, looking for a tiebreaker but came up with nothing. I was refreshing the Outer Haven Final, and 15 minutes after the battle was supposed to end, someone put in a vote for Ocelot, and I closed the battle. So it will be Solid Snake vs. Revolver Ocelot in the Championship battle tomorrow night! Once I get home, I'll score the battle, but for now, it's onto the Losers' Match--Naked Snake vs. Liquid Snake. 1000 points ride on this battle, so VOTE LIKE CRAZY! Good luck!Remember to vote at my LJ when you've finished placing your votes here.

Tomorrow's battle: Metal Gear Championship--(1) Solid Snake vs. (1) Revolver Ocelot.

Poll: Metal Gear Losers\' Match

(2) Naked Snake: 67% 6 Votes
(2) Liquid Snake: 33% 3 Votes


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