Character Battle 10: Final Results

By Brian on July 25th, 2009 under CB10,

what is a binary options trader become a tradition now--it began on my old message board, Into the Lifestream, and another called Fantasy World. In the last 5 years, while the basic contest has remained the same, it's grown into what's become a popular bit of fun. Even though the contest has moved Internet locations a few times, people still play, and it's this reason, plus the fact that I love doing these, that has kept this tradition going. Even though it no longer takes on the 3-month format, now being a contest that's half its size, the fun's still there, and I think now that it's smaller, more people are aware of it, and it makes it that much better when more are involved. So to everyone who participates in these things--be it a voter, tiebreaker, someone who is actually playing for prizes, podcast guests, anyone and everyone--thank you so much. You're what keeps these things going. And for now, they will continue until either real life prevents me from having the time to do them, or you no longer wish to play. You're what makes it fun. With that said, it's time to unveil the final results.

As I said yesterday, Solid Snake won the contest, beating Revolver Ocelot in an 18-13 final--while it did not have the massive vote turnout that last contest's final (Leon Kennedy vs. Eddie Dombrowski, with Leon winning 68-64) had, I was glad to see that Snake did not win in a blowout. 9 of the 15 people competing had Snake to win, with 5 of those 9 getting the full 2500 points. Was it enough for anyone to knock me out of 1st place? The final scores go like this:

In 3rd place, finishing with 5725 points, and winner of the $20 prize: C&T;!!!!

In 2nd place, finishing with 5800 points, and winner of the $25 prize: Richard!!!

The winner, finishing with 6150 points, and winner of the $50 prize: myself!

what is a binary options broker on a 12-battle winning streak to overcome Nilfalasiel, who held the top spot for 19 straight days. However, she pulled a Joshie--collapsing right at the end. Regardless, congrats to other people are in order:

To the 3 new members of the All-16 Club: Zack, Liam, and Nilfalasiel! I'll have to email you some certificates.

To the player who had the best win-loss record: Nilfalasiel, going 56-8! Very nicely done for your first contest!

To see the rest of the final leaderboard, click here. Nicely done all the way around. I'm very impressed at all who entered: no one had a losing record. And all of our correct predictions made it so that the contest had a 75% correct prediction rate, so again, very nicely done.

Joshie and Richard, you'll have to inform me of your choice of prize.

what is the binary options market were special guests in the final podcast, and if you'd like to download the 69-minute podcast, click here. You're gonna wanna download it--it's funny as hell. I lose control of the English language, and we have a special appearance by a Lord of the Rings character. You're gonna want to listen to this. In addition, if you want to see the PDF of how the voting broke down for each battle from the Quarterfinals to the end, click here. Music credits are as follows, in order of appearance:

Intro: Metal Gear Solid 3 opening
Battle Results: Cavern (MGS)
Intermission: Game Over (MGS), Boss Battle (MGS2)
Final Leaderboard: Encounter (MGS and MGS2)
Top 3 winners: 3 victory themes from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Closing: Metal Gear Saga (MGS4)

Predicted Champions:
Solid Snake--S. Roth, MoonSword, Richard, C&T;, EyesOfATragedy, Nilfalasiel, E, Kinie, Saya
Gray Fox--Alyssa
Naked Snake--Biccy, Zack
The Boss--Liam, Sumeile
Liquid Snake--Hitman

And finally, a glimpse of the next Character Battle, planned for Winter 2010:


In closing: I want your feedback--let me know what you liked, didn't like, want to see in future contests, or just comment. Let me know what you thought of this or any other contest. Remember, you're the ones who make this possible, so a big thank you to all. And of course, a big thank you to Joshie, who once again gave me free run of his shiny new website to christen with the first contest on it. You can have your site back now, Joshie!

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks again. I hope you had fun, and I hope you enter the next contest. Look for info on that sometime in November. If you listen to the podcast, you can find out much more about what I plan to do for Kingdom Hearts.

Thanks, everyone.


CB10: Over.

By Brian on July 25th, 2009 under CB10,

The 10th Character Battle contest has officially ended, and now I am going to record the final podcast. Final results and standings will be posted tomorrow, as I foresee the podcast taking me well beyond my bedtime. I haven't tallied up the final scores yet, but I can say that Solid Snake has won Metal Gear! He beats Revolver Ocelot in a close one: 18-13! I also know that 9 of you predicted Solid Snake to win--how this will play into the final scores I've yet to see. Regardless, it's over--and as I said, the final results and scores will be posted tomorrow!

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By Brian on July 24th, 2009 under CB10,

Metal Gear FinalAnother close battle, everyone. I didn't think the Losers' Match battle would be so close, but it was. Looking at the results, it was abundantly clear that not everyone voted in both places--it was 13-7 in Liquid's favor on my LJ and 6-3 in Naked Snake's favor on Late to the Party. As a result, Liquid has won the Losers' Match, by a final score of 16-13! While the close battle was great, there's just one small problem. No one had Liquid to win the Loser's Match, even though 3 of you had him in it. In addition, 3 people had Naked Snake to win, but alas, Liquid's victory denied those 3 people of what might be crucial points. I'm impressed, though--for the first time this contest, no one scored in a battle. As a result, there is no change to the leaderboard, so I will not be posting a new one up tonight. Which now brings us to the FINAL BATTLE. This is it, folks. 2500 points belong to you if you get the winner and have the lucky pairing of Solid Snake and Ocelot. 1250 will be yours for predicting just the winner. Will Nilfalasiel or anyone else stage a comeback and knock me off the top spot, or will I claim my 2nd ever contest win? The last time I won was back in 2005, when I held the Super Smash Melee contest (or, the 3rd character battle contest for all us old folk). Before I go, I just want to remind everyone that I will be recording the final podcast tomorrow night, starting around 8 PM ET. Anyone who wants in, please tell me so. On that note, I give you the Metal Gear Championship Battle begins now. I wish everyone the best of luck. Vote like mad, folks. Remember to vote at my LiveJournal when you've finished placing your votes here.

Poll: Metal Gear Championship

(1) Solid Snake: 60% 9 Votes
(1) Revolver Ocelot: 40% 6 Votes
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CB10: Leaderboard Update

By Brian on July 23th, 2009 under CB10,

StandingsSuddenly, the tides have turned. Nilfalasiel, who had been in 1st for the last 19 days, has fallen off the perch after a thrilling Outer Haven Final which saw Ocelot win by 1 vote. As I said earlier tonight, the battle had ended in a tie, and as I was hunting on AIM for a tiebreaker, someone must've read my mind out there in the Internet, because someone placed a vote for Ocelot, giving him the win. Solid Snake was clearly favored, with 9 of you predicting him. However, it was a dead-even split amongst Ocelot and Liquid Snake, with 7 of you predicting Ocelot and 7 predicting Liquid Snake, with 1 predicting someone who's been eliminated. As a result, this has again caused the leaderboard to play musical chairs. I now find myself having won the 12 battles in a row, and now suddenly, I'm in 1st place by 350 points, with Nil falling to 3rd, 375 points behind me. What the hell, guys? Am I going to pull a Kinie-style win? This is almost like what Kinie did during Generation 7 (Character Battle 7), when he won the last 17 battles of the contest to go from near the bottom to champion--although not as impressive as his, as his incredible win was during a 128-character battle contest, I find myself floored that this is happening. With 1000 points riding on this Losers' Match, and 2500 in the Championship, it's suddenly possible for me to grab my 2nd contest win, or for someone else to grab their 1st or multiple. So here's your leaderboard after tonight's crazy Division Finals. Vote like crazy in these final battles!

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CB10: Metal Gear Losers' Match

By Brian on July 23th, 2009 under CB10,

Battle 63 Another set of amazing, thrilling battles. The Division Finals certainly kept up their end of the deal, and while Solid Snake won the Virtuous Division (despite a last-minute surge in Liquid Snake votes), it came down to a near-tiebreaker on the Outer Haven Final. As expected, it was gonna be close. When I jumped on at 7:30 to close the battle, we were tied. Being at someone else's house right now, I jumped onto AIM, looking for a tiebreaker but came up with nothing. I was refreshing the Outer Haven Final, and 15 minutes after the battle was supposed to end, someone put in a vote for Ocelot, and I closed the battle. So it will be Solid Snake vs. Revolver Ocelot in the Championship battle tomorrow night! Once I get home, I'll score the battle, but for now, it's onto the Losers' Match--Naked Snake vs. Liquid Snake. 1000 points ride on this battle, so VOTE LIKE CRAZY! Good luck!Remember to vote at my LJ when you've finished placing your votes here.

Tomorrow's battle: Metal Gear Championship--(1) Solid Snake vs. (1) Revolver Ocelot.

Poll: Metal Gear Losers\' Match

(2) Naked Snake: 67% 6 Votes
(2) Liquid Snake: 33% 3 Votes
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